Sabotage the pink they say.

Mourn for the new pink they say.

Misfortune we are they say.

Obnoxious we are they say.

No good we are they say.

Burden we are they say.

Destruction to wealth we are they say.

Worthless we are they say.

Delusions they live in we say.

Makers of golden days we are.

True souls of humanity we are.

Pure compassion we are.

Fortune to the unfortunates we are.

Torch bearers to them in the ebony we are.

Absolute exemplar of a friend we are.

Designers of paramount humankind we are.

Shield to the afflicted are we.

We are who we are.

Definition to powerful,mighty,valorous, brave and bold we are,

Undoubtedly not the err but serendipity we are!