In the chaotic crowd I stand,

The red you love in front of me right there;

The yellow of the mesmerizing and star like appearance you have;

The peaceful blue reminds me of you in your sapphire you wear;

Your words euphonious ,like the harp as with angels;

All secretly remind me of you…

Calm I feel when looking at the bright sky,the clouds flowing by;

The pleasant walk on the beach,the sand below me and the soft waves gently swaying against me;

The happiness when I see the rainbow gracefully dance across the azure spread around;

All secretly remind me of you…

The day in the garden I stroll,

The flowers as pretty as you;

The sun shining down on my face,

Illuminating me like you always do;

All secretly remind me of you…

“Remember me?”

Is what I hear as my thoughts call out…

The compendium of memories is my only treasure now.