2014-08-07 23.49.22

A strong face!
A strong face!
Let no one know… How you truly feel!
Let the strong face remain,
Deep roots have been moved and hurt,
Thousands rivers have flown.

Don’t let them know,
Don’t let none know!
The pain caused…
Nothing; don’t let them know!
Let no one know that it will take lots to cover these cracks; let no one know

Put on the mask on
Put on the mask now,
Cracks need to heal;
So do you!
“Please recover” is what I sigh,
No more please… I need to face the world,
Whom am I faking…myself?
Put the mask on.

Put the strong face on because this isn’t healing;
Fake it … Now!
People will see,
People will know,
Put the mask on! Now!

Let’s now fake it,
Act like the rest and enter…
The life’s masquerade.