Surrounded by all the happy reminiscences.
The pictures suspended freely in my memories.
The yellow dress I wore when small.
The Christmastime the best times.
The reds and the whites decorate and add the grandness to these picturesque memories.
My parents holding this little me in their arms,
The pictures of my first birthday,
The little me in the eden like garden,running and hugging her Mummy and Daddy,
The picture of me out in the journey for first day in school.
The “A” for Apple by my mummy.
The nursery rhymes we danced to.
The stories she read to me.

Then to have a sister of my own,
I kept looking the little baby wrapped in white,so angelic!
The first birthday my sister celebrated.
All sweet times with her.
The times she and I shared chocolates with each other.
The times we made cards for Mummy and Daddy.
The silly fights she and
Making chocolates every December along with Mummy,
waiting excitedly for Daddy’s arrival that month.
The sprint when Daddy came to tickle us up.
The morals engraved in us by them.

Times with my best friend,
The one to remind me there is existence of sanity in this crazy world.
The “happy birthday” with the dance she does for me,
All possible chocolate ice creams had together.
The one who cried when I did,
Laughed when I did.
The one to push me to grab happiness and so I pull her along with me.
My patron in the road of vagueness.
The cards and letters she wrote to me.
The bear hug when she thought I was the brave soldier in my journey
The codes we had for our strangers.

Hard to pick in the series of my memories.
All are the best and dear ones
in this time-laps of my memories.