2014-08-12 18.06.53

Like a rollercoaster our life is,

Where you are seated in the front seats of the ride.
Where only you have the view of all the dips and ups.
Wherein when you go down the dips, your heart forgets to beat.
So you close your eyes tight to get past it.
A stable feel when the ride calms the turbulence.
But eventually you ride up
We always ride up
Ride up to the sky
Clouds saying hello as you smile.
In a flight where your wings are all wide open and you are flying.
Such is our life, constant ups and downs,
Which together make the joy ride.
Want to enjoy the ride?
Sit back and enjoy every moment and second on this ride
you’d be amused to find happiness is just in being excited and going along the dips of this simile of Life.