I see a little girl in my thoughts,
Wearing a pretty lemon yellow dress and running along the vivid green grass.
Across a barn with a grey roo.
On a perfect sunny summer morning.
Happy and merry.
The warm breeze blowing through her hair,
The white ribbon on her dress which flows along with the breeze and adorns her,
Swaying her hands along wid the nodding green grass.
Running, hopping and bouncing-playfully towards the old planked swing suspended freely to the metal framing.
The lovesome little girl,
Glowing with the golden sunlight.
Her chubby cheeks pretend to look gold along wid the magnificent sun.
The smile on her face bright as the daylight,
A smile that can enlighten the saddest soul.
She hopped on the swing,
Grabbed the metal chain and swung; to and fro.
Blissful ,cheerful , joyful and happy is what she felt;
Like a beautiful bird- FREE.