As I walk on the road of blue,
Thinking about all the things I could do.
My past comes flashing by,
To remind me the shame
All a shame;
To know I had a chance; 
An opportunity that I have now  missed.
Melancholy! it is indeed;
Sad to know I could have been my best and given my best
But have now missed that wonderful chance.
It is now drizzling and I know that it will soon pour.
I try walking down the slope as fast as I can.
Then suddenly I realize that-
This is what I always do,
Don’t enjoy the present but always in a rush towards the future but my thoughts still in my past and hence no luck for any opportunities.
That’s where I am wrong!
And the same leading me to this dismay.
Well now I know where I am wrong,
And hope that now I don’t miss any of my chance.