It is said that we learn from nature.
If that is so,
What is that tree trying to tell me?
The shedding leaves
– I give up?
I am done?
What about the flowers that are blooming?
– I will let problem grow on me and do nothing?
No! Pouring scorn in everything you see?
But when you’re happy and ask the same old question
:What is that tree trying to tell me?
I will answer to that question today-
The leaves are shedding away their past and lookin forward …at the future,
Happy because they are sure that doing so they shed out their pasts worries,
Sorrows and regret.
Waiting and hoping that something good is about to happen.
Something big ,
Something great,
Something memorable.
And about the flowers dear;
They don’t want your problem to grow but darling,
They want you to grow from those problems.
Everything has its own greatness but not everyone can see it.