A clandestine peek through the eyes of that unknown winsome gamine.

Whose eyes overflowed with joy when she spoke about her favourite colour.

Whose eyes smiled at the butterfly simply to greet the little creature.

Whose eyes viewed the rainbow lit up in the sky along with the blithe of her sparkle.

Whose eyes awed as they glared constantly at the morning sunrise.

Whose eyes captured the beauty of the blooming blossom when she walked towards the flower.

Whose eyes spoke the nonchalance of that of the calm oceans.

Whose eyes smiled with that of the little children playing in the pouring rain.

Whose eyes kissed the day a thank you and not grumble which a habit to me.

Whose eyes chuckled pleasantly even when in ache unlike mine who whined -why me?

Whose eyes so honest to lie
unlike mine who hoaxed the truth.

Whose forte to speak happiness, benign and grace.
Unlike mine vicious to every thought.

She is in continuous catch and pursue little happiness that I always missed to even notice inΒ the busy world I own.

I wish my disdained and scornful view had the essence to seek these little beauty too.

The essence to seek happiness just like hers;
Like that of the eyes of the unknown winsome gamine.