He swayed his magic wand and woosh! the hat sparkled and there was a parade of doves entering into the world where no one believed in magic. They formed flying rings of beauty in the air; with wonderment in this promenade of spell bounding magic. Then the sorcerer cupped his hand and one of the pretty dove came flying to his call and was now seated on him palms. ”how I wish to hold these magical doves.” she said.

The crowds woes in disbelief aggravated. She looked around and all she saw was everyone mocked the the magician, making scowling- crocked faces at him. The negatives bounded her, the woes brought in doubts within her about magic,which she believed was splendid.

That night she sat on the windowpane and kept gazing out of the window, at the sad moon. She asked out loud – “so does magic exist?”
She stood and turned towards her bed and headed to it with a sigh. Now as she turned she felt she saw the glimpse of something bright behind her. She turned to look at it and she smiled as she saw her room light up; A gleaming magical dove appeared. She soon stretched her arms and cupped her palms and the pure white dove came flying to her call.

“I knew you exist!” she exclaimed and thanked magic for its existence.