Her thoughts had taken a flight to the meanders of the wanders. Nirvana and the paradise her home.
Where the ‘what ifs’ resided.
The elves and the beetles encouraged her to fly over the horizons of the magical fountain.
Her thoughts more daedal than the complex quantum theory.
Protagonist and the queen of her epiphanies.
Paradigm of illusions.
Little things, the mind of delusions.
Collusions against the evil she fought.
Pixies, unicorns and Santa’s are true beings.
Her power, her strength- her intuitions and imagination.
Decipher her thoughts and you must be the illusionist like her the one riding on the Phoenix.

“Flights of fancies let the power of your imagination soar.”

-she said as she took off spreading the fantasy sparkle over the ones who failed to believe – the power within them.