“No don’t go in there!” exclaimed the running rumors.

“What would be across this stoppable wall?” she questioned.

“Some say the dungeons dragons dwell.” said the little beetle.

“Must be where darkness is filled with pitch-black clouds.” said the whitey daisy.

“Must be where the the dark creepers pull you down the earth.” muttered the timid ivy.

“Must be the place where hatred stay.” chirped the chirpy birdy.

“Legends say that this dark tunnel leads to that dark world.” shivered the green worm.

“Let’s just be brave and go have a look at the place.”said her brave heart, walking through the dark tunnel.

“No!” everybody yelled and exclaimed.

But she walked through the dark tunnel.
The site at the other end put her in awe.
She saw was amusing.
It was so dreamlike alike a Dreamland.

“Wow! look where we are.” said the lionhearted heart.
“A paradise where all our dreams reside” she replied her heart.

And so we all need to be the Lionhearted because beyond that fearsome facade is where all our dreams will be full filled.