Don’t just hear but listen, don’t just say it but do it, don’t just do it but mean it.

Preachers and doers, the world can be so easily divided into these categories.

Preachers who preach and the doers who take the initiative to act.

The difference between the two, is just minutely little – that is- effort.

Effort to take a stand.

Efforts to take the effort to do the right.

Today let me give you a different view about the preachers and the doers.

It takes a lot of effort to not vaguely hear to things but to listen to someone…

I didn’t know the difference between the two and to me both of them bore the same significance, until one day when my mummy was really angry with me and asked me the difference between the two and I replied with a silly answer as – oh, of course the spelling greatly differs.

My mum looked quite disappointed, not because of my silly reply but because I didn’t value her words and took it all for fun…

I was hearing the words but not listening to her.  She tried to correct me and I overlooked it.

Hearing is not as same as listening… Factually speaking- hearing is just paying no heed to others opinion. When I hear, I simply face my open ears towards you, to realize I didn’t understand nor did I learn anything, but when I listen to you I understand and make an effort to comprehend what you feel.

When I listen, I feel what you feel and it’s my  heart that listens to you.

It is this same effort that we put in when we say something.

We don’t realize that our words can slay and destroy or give life to a new being.

When we utter a sentence… do we simply say it? Or do we, mean it?

When I ask you – how are you?

I should be pure in my intention and ask you that question not because I want to start up a gossip of what you tell me but because I genuinely want to be a well wisher to you.

Effort here was just my intention… The pure intention to know, that you are really fine and also hope that the best surrounds you.

What about the times when we thoughtlessly say sorry? Or for that matter thank you?

In school I was told that they are called the golden words and when I asked the reason to it… I was told – because they simply are golden.

Today is when I realize that they value more than any long speeches that  anybody could ever give. They are kind words and should be treated kindly. Don’t utter them unless you don’t mean it.

Here, the effort put in, was thoughtfulness.

A thought to mean everything we say.

A thought to ‘do’ what we are supposed to do… And to mean what we are meant to be – humans, pure and true form of God’s creation – a human.

And what about the things we mindlessly talk when we are angry? Such talks not only make the others feel bad but it also decreases the quality of the relationship between them.

Why are we so adamant to ruin things?

Is this what we are told to do?

Is this what we plan to continue?

Hearing, listening, doing and adding meaning to what we do…is a process we were told since childhood but never realized where it could lead us to…

Listening is important… And listening to God’s word is very important. But what is God’s word when only listened to but not applied?

You say that God says- love your neighbours as yourself but do you know what it means? Do you know why he had to tell you that?

He wants us to be kind to others, not because he says so, but so that, we understand the importance of being kind.

He wants us to be kind for it is priceless, it is something that is  liked by everyone but known to only a few.

Listen to the word of God, don’t just hear but listen and pay heed to what he has to say… And apply these blessed thoughts in your life. You can’t just say you listen to him but not apply it.