I will listen to you,
I will truly listen to you;
But help me with an answer to this
– am I a human?

I must be too complex,
But we share the same language
And also the same world,
So why am I too not part of the patchwork quilt?

I am secluded, sometimes, always;
I could be an artist, you know
Or maybe a great physician
Or maybe a soulful singer.
But I am tired of not being a part,
A part of the unison world.

Do we not see the same sun rise?
Why does not the sun rise for me?
I step back from this time lapse
And wonder how could I not be a human?

We share the same air to breathe from,
But this kills me,
This air kills me.
When I am gazed at,
In despise,
With so much disdain,
With a scornful sight that belittles me.

My world falls apart when I am frequent reminded
That I must not be made to belong in a world of two’s for I am the third.

Let me be free from a bondage of a label and a title of the eerie.
Let me be a part of this world that is decided for the two.
Let me not be ashamed when I look at myself,
Let me too be a part of a gender of the world.
Let me be free in this world.