“And I want to adopt a child… Later on in life.” I said with a smile.
” So you’re saying, you won’t get married? ” she said with a confused face that clearly mocked me.
“Yes.” I said, confidently as I recognised that she too is one of them.
“A child without a marriage?” she asked to clarify.
“Yes.” I said again.
“A woman must bear a child to call it as her own.” she demanded.
“But I don’t believe in that.” I said.
“Are you running away from responsibilities?” she asked.
” How is -me adopting a child making me run away from responsibilites?”
“Working all life and not getting married?…that is something that your parents will never let you to do.” She said as though she knew all about my will.
“If I want to get married, I will… And if I don’t want to, I won’t.”
And then I smile at her… Hoping that I had conveyed to her the message that her thoughts did not change my decision.

Liberal is when I am allowed to be my perfet being, to be the being how I am made to be- free; without a bondage. Being liberal is letting your soul run free, ackwnowledging the freedom my soul deserves. I want to fly free from the society while they are aiming at me and shooting at me the societal hierarchy. I want to turn my face away when they incessantly try to carve me into the norms. I am startled when I am made to shut up when all I want to do is sing.

Is to be liberal only written in motivational books?
Is that what freedom is?
Is it?

To be liberal in India is to not pay a heed to the agitation, like in a perfect Bollywood dramatic scene wherein you’re called insane when you decide to not get married.

Liberal in India is ignoring the fremd countenance that the neighbourhood gives you when you decide to not have a child.

Liberal in India is to be fine when called an impotent as you decide to want to adopt a child.

Liberal in India is to be sure about the dumbfounded expression when you say  you aren’t married and you are in plans to adopt a child.

Liberal in India is to continue working because you want to and be reluctant to listen and concede to what they would say.

Liberal in India is when they roll their eyes at him as he too wanted you to continue with your education after the marriage.

Liberal in India is being a support to him as he cries when he is hurt and he doesn’t care what they would think while he expressed himself to you.

Liberal in India is paying no heed to irrational thoughts.

Liberal in India is when I tell them that my thoughts about liberalism is what I am and I will not approve to dissolve to their baseless thoughts.

Being liberal in India is to be proud of your thoughts and yourself. It is being able to speak up when they keep telling you that you are going away from the societal norms.

After being quiet and being patient for such a long time, it is time, for you to finally decide that – ‘this, is enough; I have had enough.’ And you speak up for your decisions and for your thoughts.

Liberal in India is letting your soul be the soul it wants to be; yourself be your true self just like mother India wants her children to be.