(On seeing the remains of the pink gulaal, resembling a pool; asking myself about the significance of the plastic guns used on Holi, I thought of this.)

India was flabbergasted by the ways in which the terrorists invaded in and attacked poor innocent humans… With a gun they entered and pooled the place with blood, with life. And in a blink every soul in some or the other way was harmed. The thatched roofs of humanity that was bulldozed to nothingness.

Leaving the children in pitiable conditions. We stared there, at the pool of blood. Gazed at the life that left a soul or was it that the soul left the life? We pushed these pitables to recluse their inner innocence and to become bold to the worldly power game, the tyrannyβ€” violence.

And maybe hence, we handed plastic guns to our children on festive days; Diwali and Holi namely, to remind ourselves that it’s alright to witness death of Innocence, it’s alright to hand down guns because they signify power. Power of strength over weakness.
Power of guns over blood.