The Warli tribes reside in the interiors of Aarey colony. They are beautiful people who live where generations of their tribe has smiled, laughed, and danced but this is the same reason the tribe is being condemned into damnation. I met a lady from this same tribe, she described how the ruling class had managed to push them to be called ‘nothingness’. Miles to walk to gain water and with no basic living amenity, she endures. A monthly income of rupees 50 and with the age of a 100, she incandescently endures. She lives alone in a 10Ɨ10 house but she says that it was the tribe that managed to make her house, a home.
“Hum tho unke liye insaan he nahi”
(“To them, we are not even a human.”)
she mumbles hopelessly as she mourned for her kin.
A hundred year old woman just wanted to be known as a human.